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About Us
   The General Education Center was established and is charged with the responsibilities of overseeing and coordinating the planning and implementation of the common curriculum and general education courses. These courses are designed for preparing students with the necessary abilities upon graduating, including professional knowledge, skills and business ethics.
    The common curriculum and general education courses include CTBC Forum, foreign languages, PE classes, general education and volunteer services.

CTBC Leadership Forum

CTBC Forum  will assign one faculty to mentor each student. Each academic year, the mentor will have one credit for CTBC Forum . The course contents will be determined both by the mentor and the student together, and the school will have the CTBC Forum  Workshop each year. This class will help our school to develop a liberal and innovative learning environment, and it will also help the students to combine the school facilities and firmware.


Foreign Languages

To improve students’ English ability, an English proficiency test is required for undergraduate graduation. Students who do not pass the English proficiency test will have to take the “Advanced English” class. Also, students are required to take a second foreign language (besides English) for three semesters.


PE Classes

Students are required to take one PE Class each semester from the first three years. In addition, our school will have tennis classes and golf classes to help students with more social skills for the workplace.


Common Curriculum and General Education Courses

Common Curriculum includes three areas: Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Care. Each area will have three core courses, and each core course will have four extensive classes to help students develop various skills and knowledge.


Volunteer Service

To develop students’ service spirit and social concern, students will be required to provide some volunteer service at school to maintain a clean and comfortable campus.